Envel’s manufacturing space and capabilities were designed and built specifically for the manufacture of Ultra-high Performance Concrete panels and architectural components. Our equipment and processes are tailored to this unique materials exacting characteristics, quality control requirements, and aesthetic criteria. Manufactured in South Bend, Indiana we are able to source the vast majority of our raw materials within 200 miles of our plant. Our companies background in the rainscreen metals field allow us to call upon our vast resources in the facades marketplace and results in Envel being the most vertically integrated UHPC facades manufacture.


mold making

Envel’s vertically integrated manufacturing includes two 3-axix CNC flatbed routing tables able to machine various types of tooling boards and substrates into patterns and textures that then become the masters for mold manufacture. Mold manufacturing is done in house utilizing a two-part urethane pumped and dispensed through an automated process to create the individual molds of various sizes and textures. Our full service sheet metal and welding operation also allows Envel to create complex geometric molds from steel and other sheet metal goods to realize various three dimensional cast shapes and integral corner castings.

batching & casting

Batches of Ductal UHPC are produced from the constituent materials including Ductal premix, sand, fibers, pigment, plasticizing agents and water. Once produced these batches are transported to the casting beds containing the prepared molds for the project. Dosed very precisely by weight the batch is level and thickness and flatness of each casting is meticulously checked to ensure precise thickness. Once cast these filled molds are held in a temperature and humidity-controlled chamber for initial curing to ensure early cure strength. Panels are demolded the next day and stored for final curing until the *******


panel cutting

Cast Envel sheets, once cured, are cut down using both waterjet and sawjet machines. Individual cutting files are developed in our Engineering and Drafting department and transferred to the cutting table operations after being optimized for maximum sheet usage. These machines are able to cut the product in any geometry required for a project with maximum accuracy.


media blasting

Envel media blasts all our panels via one of two methods depending upon the size of the panel. Aspect Series panels of 24” in width or less are blasted and sealed via a fully automated production line while Format Series panels are media blasted by an operator to ensure a high degree of quality over large surface. Envel’s media blasting operations result in a very uniform and color stable panel finish.



Envel panels do not require sealer due to UHPCs inherent density and water repellency. However, for enhanced performance and appearance Envel utilizes various products to seal its materials. The most basic of these offerings is a penetrative sealer applied to the panels post media blast that aids in the panels ability to resist soiling and stains as well as allowing it to be cleaned with greater east. This sealer has no visual impact on the product. The second method utilizes a color enhanced stain / sealer that allows designers a greater degree of control over the products final color. This stain / sealer is offered in various degrees of opacity allowing more or less of concretes natural variation in batch to batch color to be dialed in based on the designer’s wishes. This sealer is also employed when a dark saturated color is desired that exceeds the ability of the iron oxide pigment loading ability.


anchor drilling & clip attachment

Envel factory attaches and ships its hidden fastening system anchors and clips to ensure not only that the anchors are placed to exacting standards but to also save contractors time in the field. This factory placement also reduces the contractors risk. Envel’s hidden fastening clip system is factory drilled to the exacting hole locations marked in a CNC process based on each panels individual CAD manufacturing ticket. The holes are located and drilled, anchors are installed and clips are bolted in place to exacting torque and tolerance specifications ensuring maximum anchor performance with regard to tensile and shear strengths.


crating & shipping

Envel panels are shipped in a variety of different ways but in all cases to suit the contractors' needs. Aspect series planks are typically shipped in enclosed crates by panel type for ease of staging and storing on-site. Format series panels are typically sorted by elevation and loaded onto either disposable or reusable and returnable steel A Frames. In all cases, our project management team works out a shipping plan that best meets the projects staging and sequencing plan. This reduces the contractors' need to sort product on-site and better ensures efficiency and productivity.